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Short Haze – Life thoughts June 27, 2013

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When you have the money, the world talks to you. But that doesn’t mean everyone is genuinely wanting to be real friends to you. Try haze, any kind of haze, and see how many will truly come to the rescue instead of planning to leave the moment your contaminants grow beyond their interests. It’s the emphasis of genuine friendship that is hard to make. So is the make of a society – one, that is dependent on nothing much beyond material needs, is never a great place of humanity and justice which will garner the truest and the best of friends. And do not undermine such loyal friends, whom some may not be as seen as the so-called wealthy; they may well be your founding blocks of success for sustainable peace and prosperity. – two cents from the equator at the sight of haze, Karen Fu

It’s the haze that we will see clearer. June 26, 2013

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Its the haze that we will see clearer.


This shall spell a change-like the haze, the rain and the winds. When human intervention is absent, hopefully the winds and the rain will continue to be on our side. We need it. There seems to be a lingering burnt smell that comes into the atmosphere somehow. Despite improved readings on both The PSI and AQIs, I think we need to standby our masks. The atmosphere doesn’t feel totally right when I see hazy areas on my train ride. Hailstones were seen in the western part of Singapore yesterday. Climate has surely changed. And that spells a lot on our land that we need to be careful about how we do city planning too.

When there’s thunder, there is rain. After the rain, there’s sunshine. When the intervention of the sun in the rain, we get rainbow.

Haze has ironically allowed us to see things better. As I quickly finished this short blog post, I should add:
‘it’s the haze that we have seen things better’ – cheers, Karen Fu.

Haze Hell in Malaysia and Singapore June 23, 2013

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I think AQI 746 is probably about the same as PSI at 400. Maur and Ledang are now declared as states of emergency. Which ever pollution index is being used, pollution levels are considered hazardous. Malaysia declared state of emergency without a second thought. On our front, we have no state of emergency even when the thick haze almost swallowed up the entire city state.

Construction workers still work. People bare the noxious smoke to get their masks and work done. I don’t think this is right. While it is crucial to go forth on international terms to seek consensus on a macro level to end the fires, I thought the basics should have put in place along with the diplomatic mission. The haze is temporarily off for now, but if winds don’t blow like these two days, the haze will return. Who knows what would happen next, but as far as the ground is like for masks and all things about the haze are concerned; it’s quite a civilised panic here. – Karen Fu

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