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Guts to Change-inspired by Brave Bertie (King George VI) March 18, 2011

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There seems to a rise in the number of British films in the industry when I was picking a film to watch this week. And I am so glad that I have picked “The King’s Speech’ over some comedy. It is a wonderful film about guts to go for the best— touching grounds in mainly aspects of upbringing, education training, life and political history.Certainly life has its twists of fortunes. Or you could view it as a misfortune for the duties of a war-time King were that of an enormous stress that shortened the King’s life. Compared with his elder brother, the former King Edward VIII, he bravely took upon the duties despite his stammer. Colin Firth really played the part of the King very well. He deserves the Oscar.

King George VI was cured by Lionel Logue, who wasn’t exactly professionally trained speech therapist by training. King George the VI wasn’t even close in line to the throne, and neither did he know he was going to be a great king.

I was scribbling my poetry when I was watching the film ‘The King’s Speech’ on my mobile. Some of the parts came from the movie. It was fun.

Mutter No More
Beyond the Stammer
Beyond the minds of fear
No shit  No Bugger  No bloody f@*-k
For guts and heart
Serve the nation best

King George the Sixth
Was saved by
Lionel Logue
Whose know-how was
From his life’s experience

Everyone has a voice
Everyone has the right to achieve
Bravest with the most undying perseverence
Constant hop and bellow
After yells in stammer hell

Till one coronation day
Won the day
Kissed the book
Signed the Oath
And he was King

In times of crisis
In this grave hour
Bounce over your fear
Leap and bloody be heard
And thou shalf long live like the King !!

Ok, I’m done with my poem. Enjoy!

Elfinic Cool break rules
Refuse immorality
Make this course their own
Firm, Calm and united
Dark days and war can no longer confined

In a battle of guns and bombs
But reverently commit our cause to god
We shall prevail
Only if we chose to face hard truths

And with guts to overcome unwise complexity
In a way the world should be grateful
Of his presence instead of Edward the VIII
For Bertie’s words were simple in virtue
Steadfast in duty

Silent bravery against bombs
Remain in put without the fear of sinister raids
Performing the usual duties
And become Britain’s respected King!

— Karen Fu


1. King George VI – an autobiography by essortment

2. Death of King George VI at British Pathe – Video from the media about the King and his passing.

3. The King to His Peoples. H.M. King George VI from Buckingham Palace September 3rd 1939 at youtube

Quick bedtime post on History – Mao & Sun – how history has judged them? April 6, 2010

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Recently during the Chinese New Year Celebrations, I asked a promotor at the Mao Zedong exhibition at Vivo city why Mao’s photo was placed at Tian An Men Square instead of Dr Sun’s. I asked out of curiosity as I have been always wondering why Mao was worshiped in Tian An Men Square for decades in place of Dr Sun. Both were great men doing the same aim albeit different styles.  Till now, I am still remained puzzled by the replies to my ardent questioning. Mao was a staunch defendent of China. One could effectively claim that during his reign, no foreign dignitaries could walk over his China’s interest. It would be also perfectly correct to say he used his life to defend every Chinese in China. What  was a dire mistake was his Cultural revolution in the 60s which had caused a lot of suffering. Perhaps history has viewed him as largely as a hero since he liberated the lives of peasants and ostracized the wealthy who exploited the former. No class of politics is perfect in alleviating the poverty and the pain of certain groups of people. Neither can we look forward to perfect men/women either.  Everyone has mistakes, even historically great leaders. The only difference would be the extent of the mistake. Circumstances change peoples’ character and their deeds and actions. What may be forgivable  is that one’s character should be measured during different times and circumstances. Mao, in essence formed the People’s Republic of China.

Dr Sun has its own criticisms as well. Some people feel that he was merely portrayed as a larger than life figure. It depends on how you see him. He was a doctor, an activist and someone who doesn’t appear to believe in a lot in power. He surrendered his presidency to Yuan Shikai whom he later overthrew for corruption and revival of the previous feudal era.I’ve gone to Singapore’s Wanqingyuan twice: once before it was closed for renovation and the 2nd time recently. Not happy with the quality of the exhibits on the 2nd visit. Plenty were moved out of the villa. What I see is the Dr Sun also sacrificed lives to achieve revolutionary aims. It could also be seen as inevitable. However, at the base level, he does move crowds to overcome the Qing dynasty. If it were not for him, the Chinese would still be either wearing pigtails & females be having warped feet…

Both men marked great changes. Who is to decide who is the great leader forward? If I leave you the reader to decide. Whom would you pick?

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