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Why Daring To Change. February 3, 2014

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Why Daring To Change in Chinese – a note to a friend, which I think it’s worth the share. Hopefully in the year of the Horse, we could come to terms to certain issues that aren’t hard to solve if we would just change ourselves even by the little everyday:


I was just flipping through the photos and saw a finger written piece of Chinese words that was written I had just bought my mobile device.


The lines aren’t fantastic but I enjoy using my finger to write them. Sending one off for your perusal.


I genuinely believe about universal compassion. It is a spirit that requires a two way traffic, a heartfelt sincerity to


promote such spirit of love to as far as possible and as long as possible, if not eternity. If everyone had a mind to do so,


the world would definitely be a simpler place sans the complicated troubles, this world would also have a true peace.


Those who believe in universal compassion, fraternity and love, love people and objects around them; bearing a generous heart and mind. People who such love are ones who truly blessed.


Even though when people may bully and harm, on the other end there will be gracious and gallantly kind people who would come to the rescue.


Unrefined Chinese characters on this page, but hopefully my Chinese will gradually improve to a greater height. No guts, no hope.


No hope, no success. True face of love is always capable of miracles. That is why I set up an English blog of my own.’ – @Karen_Fu


OT special – Somewhere Over The Rainbow Song Review of Thoughts August 26, 2009

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Working around and after time is a fact of city life and I admit being tired about it all. But I always love this song ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ for many of the most mellow reasons – the lyrics, the tune and especially the simple melody that radiates so much positive energy. Almost childlike as it sounds, it makes you want to sing and bring forth a lot of smiles and cheers with everyone in the world.

A dream is what moves us and the colorful rainbow is the bridge that links peoples, cultures and lands together in hope, peace and happiness. We can only live in goodness and happiness if and only we could join hands together regardless of race, creed and nationality. The colors of the rainbow are so pretty and to see friends shaking hands and asking, ‘how do you do?’ and they reply, ‘I/We love you’, would be such a wonderful feeling. Simple care and concern is what alleviates the pain, sorrow and struggles of many people; melts the hatred and discrimination and many unwanted jealousy and fights of any kind, in any form. Troubles would simply melt like lemon drops…

Dreams that you dream once in a lullaby, dreams do really come true. Someday you wish upon the sky and hopes over the rainbow, as the blue birds fly.. while the trees are green and red roses too… are singing along with you under the sparkling stars. Take 2 steps back, breathe some fresh air, see around you; feel the surroundings more; think how many years you’ve passed; and count how many years you may have. Then everything in the negative will not last and stay in you anymore.

Sing along with the Chipmunks & make even the simplest space a very joyful and blissful way !

Hope this makes a lot of sense from someone over the rainbow in Singapore !

Why this blog ? November 15, 2008

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Daring To Change was actually my academic work back in the 90s. I had been thinking about how design could change lives for the better and thought that instead of writing the usual design literature, I should attempt writing on how creative thinking could value add living. I have questioned the issues on design education and various thinking methodologies, as well as citing my own country as an example, how the appropriate thinking could turn a small tiny country into what it is today. Though my country (Singapore) is tiny and cannot compete with other much larger and older countries where history and natural resources are rich and powerful; it is a living example of how creativity in a pragmatic sense could make a transformation from a 3rd world to a near first. It change itself can be viewed as controvesial. Some consider it to be an autocratic and stifling state; while some see it as a modern example of exceptional accomplishment given its tiny size and population of a mere 4.6 million
(estimate) people.

Regardless, my hope is that my skills and ideas could help people positively. I am no supergirl nor marverick. I am just a modest little elfin who lives 1 degree north of the equator, having interesting ideas and lots of enthusiasm in her work. I hope to find like minded people to join my little network and bring small little pieces of dreams come true. It may just be a small paper theory at first. But I believe that it will come forth and become something real and substantial as time passes.

The habitat that we are all living in is undergoing not only environmental disaster alone. This change we need is a holistical, multi-disciplinary one that needs courage to face them and make it happen. Not a lot of people are daring to make the shift because there are too many obstacles that needs to tear down.

Hence the title : Daring To Change.

Daring to change has been extended to include changes in the environment, in governance, in humanity, and in general our daily living. Its a large sphere of change that we need to embrace. The latest US election shows ‘Change is coming’ as President Elect Barack Obama has put it.

His line of Change reminded my own undergraduate paper and also what was to be a conference paper that I did not get the time to present. Perhaps on this blog at WordPress, I could present some of my modest ideas and hopefully gain some constructive ideas of how to improve them. Cheers !

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