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Lunar New Year prayers with the masses for 2012 January 19, 2012

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Went to ‘The Jade Buddha Exhibition’ at Ngee Ann city and praying with others for universal harmony despite I knew very little of formal Buddhism as far as mantras were concerned. But I learn from visuals and see how things around me operate in a highly orderally manner that often always teach me precious lessons, which words cannot portray fully. The event was a very meaningful one for the forthcoming year.

I know very little about chants and by no means a Buddhist. But I thought I would just happily join in with the thousands who were there to sponsor the jade Buddhas and offerings. I followed the crowd, and the written chants pasted near the deities, passing from one ritual to another. Actually I didn’t quite know if I did it correctly but I enjoyed the process of getting my palms together, and made a few wishes. I even wondered if the deities understood me.— It wasn’t sanskrit, it was certainly not tamil, it was in mandarin with bits of English because there wasn’t a perfect translation for that few words. Couldn’t do them in German or even with a smattering of French, but it was more of an instinctive communicative and intuitive way of getting around language barrier to just use pure common sense in my modest prayers. I thought it should come from the heart. So I just did what I understood.

As I was offering my humble pack of rice, I prayed with the thousands for a peaceful and prosperous year of the dragon. The packs of rice will then be given to needy homes in the country. Then I started to ponder why so many people needed the staple when there are many who waste their food. Surely the terribly rich and the very poor are more than miles apart and that itself could set another separate topic about equality in wealth.

The thousands of bags of rice came in within hours and all the Jade statues were fully sponsored into the tens of thousands of dollars meant to go the construction of The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion in Melbourne, Australia.

The whole ceremony was about giving, sharing and remembering what others have sacrificed for us. The late Teresa Hsu was a live example of courage whenever Buddism came to place.

Teresa Hsu DTC

An Idol who forgot how much she had given.

She left the human world without her ashes collected was an act itself that showed her faith and definite courage. In Buddhist rites, bones are to be collected and kept properly. But she didn’t allow even that last rite to be done.

She feared nothing but I still am not fully recovered from the fact she left her ashes uncollected. It was a very unusual thing to do though it was a very courageous act on its own. It could be deem to be almost petrifying to think the remains were ‘unwanted’ especially when she was a pure real 1100% Buddhist. I wouldn’t hesitate to say she was willing to give her all at death to save people. Since she couldn’t, her last words were to tell people not to spend a minute of peoples’ lives to collect her remains. A drastic contrast to what many would have fought for their rights of every minute kind.

The remains of the day would be a life lesson learnt that she sacrificed for sentimental beings all big and small, both great and ungreat. That could even include the despicable. She didn’t mind what she was going to have or not going to have, she simply gave all. I thought she should have given some bit to her own when I saw how some people could eat up others alive for their own merit. In a material world where fame and fortune is power, such people like her are rare gems.

A leader of this might could instantly solve all problems but realistically speaking, few will do it in the kind of world we are now living in. On the positive front, those who did anything less than sincerity and honesty always pay in due course, either via the revenge of similar beings who were being mistreated or via nature through health woes. They will pay. And the price will be hefty. The crazy thing is that these people don’t even know they are paying for it though they know they are suffering from it.

On a grey scale of 10, we must aim to purify the partial hues and in the same time improving ourselves. 2012 will spell a year of transition when more people will realize why and how we have the economic woes of inflation, unemployment, physical pollution and metaphysical pollution all snowballed into a gigantic mix of chaos.Health problems that were used to be for the aged now exist in young people. The levels of mental psychological disorder increases due to rampant bullying and being bullied. Diseases arise from animals that we shouldn’t eat. Plants get contaminated because of the selfish desire to expand urban areas , and worse still, to use name of sustainability to promote their goods when they do not really mean anything healthy in the real sense. The power then will be laid in the masses of the common people to control what they want to change.

Thankfully there are three things that gives us hope with the freedom to voice. Consumer sovereignty, democracy of the people and the sheer natural law of sustainability do not allow the ills to propagate.

For the many who think the bad still get their reward, observe carefully that they live with worry, anger and fear behind the ill gained status. You hardly see them smile. Nor do you see them simple minded, which gives the absolute clarity of thought for peaceful living.

So in the real sense the new year is a year for the commoners. Those who fail to listen to these voices will flop miserably. And it is high tide that 2012 will belong to all who are kind and industrious.

Happy Lunar New Year from the equator. 🙂

Karen Fu

Leaders for Singapore – 2011 election, a sincere thought. April 9, 2011

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I have been following the news of the coming elections. The heat is on and I can feel it’s different from the past. And I hope there will be more new blood coming into the scene. Times have changed and we need a different set of leaders who will effectively and efficiently bring us all to the next lap of peace and prosperity in a new dimension.

I was thinking what kind of leaders we should vote in. And there are a couple that I think is fundamental. Contrary to popular belief, governing a tiny county isn’t easy especially if it is in a unique ‘waters’. We need some top leader who is brave to lead a pack of very able group of ministers. I think, at this point, we have none though there are many very capable groups of people emerging in this pre-election. And many are from the legal profession. I hope we will see more talent who could sit into the different ministries in a more direct way where the minister will have a direct tertiary training that is straightforwardly useful in his/her ministry. I think it serves the best interest of all to have a direct professional unless we can’t find any.

The problems that we have today are of a different nature compared with the problems we have in the past decades. We need to be independent and stand up for ourselves as a very young and extermely tiny country in the future era where the change of political global climate emerges. People tend to pay much more attention to nations that are huge. We can be huge in our own unique way via our courage to chop down the odds and by creating our own set of knowledge and skill sets. People tend to respect countries where her people are brave, righteous, genuine, and innovative. No one respects any country that is pompous, arrogant and throws their might over others. We have a neat social order. But we need more than that — a society that is very inventive and has a very healthy view of issues.

The leaders we need to pick have to tough. The courage to turn mountains of obstacles and be tough to beat the odds. Not someone who needs any form of say or protection from already a group of seniors. That’s not a real leader. Take problems on independently; face the music. Politics or indeed life itself is not at all a smooth sailing one. One cannot expect full protection in comfort. Life isn’t a bed of roses where its fragrance will always await you. In reality,it’s a bunch of good, evil mixed in shades of grey. Fortunately there is a room for the genuinely good and kind for the law of nature forbids evil intentions.

We need leaders who can uphold justice in the highest order; someone whom everyone, both oppostion and the ruling party, will respect. Finding fine leaders who are not lured by monetary rewards is definitely hard in times when people these days have not rarely gone through destitude and poverty. In times where pragmaticism is around with material comforts are at its highest for many successful professionals; finding the right leader who can comprehend the poor, the needy and the disadvantage is a real task.

I hope the upcoming election will show a few really good men/women who will show us the renewed light for the next 10 years. It will definitely be a different world by then. And whoever is going to be the next prime minister has to be fiercely independent and extremely intelligent. For our survival needs are very different from large countries like China and the US. We need the kind of substance where our leaders can walk down any aisle anywhere in the world with an air of respect that is like no other. — Karen Fu.