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Singapore Budget 2011 Lego Style, My Read in Free Swing February 26, 2011

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, Singapore.
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Budget 2011 from ST Pix on Vimeo.


Life should be as easy & smart like Lego

where complex matters are expressed in cheerful style;

where war of words could be saved

and time spared for better play.


Life should be as free.

Wee in the colours

be as smart as Lego;

for its bricks are atoms

and its molecules are wonders.


Via play and fun,

it creates its own universe

that defines a unique legacy

redefines innovation

recreates a united world.


Life should be creative

where different people meet

without self inflicted paranoia or prejudice

that makes the world a divided place.


Lego, I admire your wicked brilliance

for you dominate the world without a winch.

in both happy & dire times.

For you, like me;

play is fun

and fun is cute.

Life’s a peach with roses bedded in your yard

‘cos you’ve fully understood the quotient of the

human mind!

— Karen Fu

PS: Generally I like the budget and I wish I have a play in it too. Adios for now!! For change has come.