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Nature and Fairness: When Worlds collide November 8, 2013

Posted by @Karen_Fu in ethics, human quality, Justice.
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Sharing a snappy quick thought on justice:’I have a thought on your last line:’everything has a place’. To me, people who have abused the rights of decent beings have no place in the world. However, law made by man has failed to sort justice out. It’s prevalent in the news that we read. And it does make one wonder of the several shades of grey present in our human civilisation. So who gets to set the ultimate law to maintain justice?’

add on the 8 November: haven’t put in detailed thinking from the principles. Would have to rush back to form. But I often find it strange to base on the exsiting laws. To me, certain solutions cannot wait. I have to rush off for there’s only 5% of battery remaining…


Who’s going to pay for a greener, global future? November 7, 2013

Posted by @Karen_Fu in climate change, environment, environmental pollution, ethics, faith, Justice, man made calamity, Quick thoughts.
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Who's going to pay for a greener, global future?.

Sharing a commentary reply that I think I should ‘pay it forward’… :’Everyone’s learning. I’m too. I think one of my best decisions in life so far is to have my tertiary education done in the UK. The countryside itself has taught me a lot. Without nature, there is no nurture. Without our biodiversity, we have no future. Hence I could say we are all stakeholders of a dying globe. For the price of man made destruction, we shall all pay dearly through poorer health and economic well being. Its all related. All of us need to pay for a greener global future only differing in extent and capacity. Or perhaps such establishments or countries who do not heed nature’s call are already beginning to pay the price they have put in. Nature has its uncanny ways of evening out with unfairness. I call that,’the Nature’s Law of Justice’. Cheers from the equator.’- Karen Fu