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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook & Twitter April 20, 2012

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, Singapore.
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Just checked on the renewed Facebook site of PM Lee. Within 12 hours, he has amassed more than 19000 likes; and more than 5000 followers on twitter. Its a positive start, and if this momentum is maintained that well, this one-man show can be victorious in the right direction. I sense the direction is already largely right.

The new Facebook page:


It has been almost a year after last year’s general election. PM Lee had invited citizens to talk only days before the election. And I believe that made the cut upwards.

The Old Facebook Page:


I get the feeling he has been closely following the conversations online. I don’t think any leader will lightly miss the interactions and the dialogues right across the online platform. What is happening online is usually what is in reality offline. As social media takes on stage in a greater role, anyone who downplay online power is going to miss a lot. President Obama has certainly created the trend for political leaders to follow suit. The appeal of engaging commoners from the ground is a huge plus in any political setting.

The world has changed. And the world is free because the Internet is free. The revolution of media has taken a course from hard copies in paper format that people are turning away in preference for online global media, that is reachable anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

I feel that hardcore politics isn’t the way to go these days. This has been the case years ago. It’s the human touch that makes the cut. The ultimatum is to feel the ground and act on the wishes of those who are in need but were unheard of beforehand. This lesson doesn’t just run around in politics. It applies to everyone of us.

While fairness is what we advocate in life, and while we can’t do everyone the same rewards because each and everyone’s input is different; there is always history that tells us that complacency doesn’t pay. In the history of life, it often shows that when the rewards are unjustified, and problems are unheard we will get social upheaval. Its a huge cost. Be fair is of essence. The only way to be fair is to know what is on the ground and solve them impartially. And to listen to the ground and act upon it is the ultimatum.

I think the Prime Minister’s move is not only wise but very clever. It has already gaining a positive start. And on this first day, it’s far more upbeat than expected. In fact, it was a surprise. I was doing my Facebook in the afternoon, and all of a sudden news pop up in my reader.

I want a renewed fresh breeze of air. I think many of my fellow Singaporean friends want that too. Hope this will not only be good, but a great outcome. — Karen Fu

New Facebook Interaction: