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Recalling & review: Singapore wins bid in Youth Olympic Games (Positive Spirit, Positive Change) August 28, 2010

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change.
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We have to view the olympics positively. Read a couple of sites and links that were pretty negative. I had thought it was a very good effort for the time frame given — doing a fresh new era of sports in South East Asia, which has never happend before. Only 2.5 years as compared to the usual 4 to prepare and host the inaugural youth olympics where there are no precedents.

Frankly I was thinking that in times of global economic downturn, I didn’t really expect much money to be put into such an event. I didn’t think youth olympics was as exciting as the adult version. It did seem to be an inferior version to the historical age old adult Olympics that we have all grown up to know. But these young atheletes have proven me wrong by their undying power of positive determination and fresh courage which many adults start to loose as they leave their teenage years.

Please listen to the youtube video above that showcased how this tiny dot in the world used all its positive notes to bid for the first youth olympics: the peoples’ effort to unite the students, the taxi cabbies, the ministers etc. I thought it was a good motivational start. I believe it hadn’t been easy. And the result was good. Particularly the final rally. We had problems in the midst of YOG, but they were bravely overcomed. That is exactly the spirit we all need regardless as an individual, a nation or in an sports event.

I hope all this is well taken.

More later.