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Alarming video on Fukushima impact on the world. May 9, 2012

Posted by @Karen_Fu in change, climate change, environment, ethics, faith, life challenges.
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Far worse than what I thought about the fukushima radioactive leak. So cancer prevention should be the first to come into consideration if what Dr Helen Caldicott said is true.I can believe it is mostly true. But what I didn’t know was the extent of the disaster. We should never place complacency in what we know and play with fire. I will leave you to watch the video. It is very concisely presented. Anyone who still thinks nuclear is a viable source of power to expand economically should have their brains ‘washed’ by now. Technology should gear towards to how to cancer prevention and cure. I think that’s the most important task now — not the power struggle, fights and material greed. It doesn’t pay. — Karen Fu