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My quick comments on catherinelim.sg » After GE 2011, some crystal-ball gazing May 15, 2011

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Found Singapore’s popular author Catherine Lim’s site and see an interesting thread on the Singapore Election. Quickly posted my thoughts about the thread. Night for now. I am, for one, an official night owl…. but it is always a very good evening of thougths with lots learnt. This is what I’ve posted on her blog :
‘Love your site. It’s full of wit, humour and lots of insight. Your crystal ball is blazing! I have been thinking of the election and posted my more-in-detail thoughts there: https://daringtochange.wordpress.com/tag/singapore-elections-2011/Basically I do not agree with the departure of MM Lee in particular though he clearly has his iron fist and autocratic rule; simply because his political insights are usually well sought after even by those who do not like his style of government. Whether the person is from the ruling party or the opposition party, what we eventually need is a thoroughly capable person. I think MM should stay. I like Nicole Seah a lot. For her calibre, she has the potential to become very formidable politician and social activist in her own right.  Other likes are Pritam Singh and Chen Show Mao. The former a powerful orator with an energy to move crowds. The national pledge recited in that kind of thunderous unison is like no other. The latter, a seemingly quiet politician. But nothing less than giant. With that kind of ‘A’ team, what we’ll see is a good opposition in parliament. The crack in WP is their loose cannon about NCMP issue. Make it loose, that would be their internal crisis, which may have the potential to rip open like SPP and RP. Apart from that, they should set themselves an excellent start. Team Singapore is about all the elements in the flag. Not just white and white or red and white. Its also includes the crescent and the stars too. Cheers for now, Karen Fu’

Nicole Seah – the youngest candidate of the coming Singapore Elections. April 27, 2011

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I can’t help but to share quick thoughts after reading more detail of Nicole Seah. I like this candidate very much.

When I first read her name in the papers, I had thought she was just  another candidate in her 20s trying to make a ‘win buck’ out of this election and didn’t bother to read anymore. Up until today, Nomination day, when I was skimming through the election map online that I really look into the candidates in more detail. I’ve skipped past a lot and skim them off like fat from full cream milk, especially when candidates are just purely young, having merely the usual credentials and talk nothing much. I don’t buy these.

What impresses me most is that Nicole has a very mature sense of life given her age. She seems to know how to handle the media in the most earnest way. Nothing huge in her credentials, just down to earth talk about what she had seen and what she thought she could do in her own right. — beyond many 20-somethings or even those who are way into their 30s, 40s. And some sneaky times, right into their old age. She presents herself who starts small and reads into what others are suffering. I hope she will fully do what she pledges. Taking the plunge into the real change takes more than guts. You need the perseverance and the due diligence & especially intelligence to beat all kinds of people and issues that will stand against you in the test of time. It is hard. And by due means, more than difficult in the face of the real world where power and politics are present. How will she do it? I cannot be 100 percent sure. By the way she speaks, she shows an unduly confidence way beyond her years. To make a full assessment of her, let the coming 10 days show how she interacts and debates with different media sources and with other candidates. She is pitting against one of the toughest wards — Marine Parade GRC where SM Goh Chok Tong is in. Her chances of winning the election may be low, but I believe her life has changed. I also feel she is under employed somewhat. A position in the parliament would be her good call in the near future.

I am impressed!

Got to run off for now. Just thought I must post this. — Karen Fu