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My quick comments on catherinelim.sg » After GE 2011, some crystal-ball gazing May 15, 2011

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Found Singapore’s popular author Catherine Lim’s site and see an interesting thread on the Singapore Election. Quickly posted my thoughts about the thread. Night for now. I am, for one, an official night owl…. but it is always a very good evening of thougths with lots learnt. This is what I’ve posted on her blog :
‘Love your site. It’s full of wit, humour and lots of insight. Your crystal ball is blazing! I have been thinking of the election and posted my more-in-detail thoughts there: https://daringtochange.wordpress.com/tag/singapore-elections-2011/Basically I do not agree with the departure of MM Lee in particular though he clearly has his iron fist and autocratic rule; simply because his political insights are usually well sought after even by those who do not like his style of government. Whether the person is from the ruling party or the opposition party, what we eventually need is a thoroughly capable person. I think MM should stay. I like Nicole Seah a lot. For her calibre, she has the potential to become very formidable politician and social activist in her own right.  Other likes are Pritam Singh and Chen Show Mao. The former a powerful orator with an energy to move crowds. The national pledge recited in that kind of thunderous unison is like no other. The latter, a seemingly quiet politician. But nothing less than giant. With that kind of ‘A’ team, what we’ll see is a good opposition in parliament. The crack in WP is their loose cannon about NCMP issue. Make it loose, that would be their internal crisis, which may have the potential to rip open like SPP and RP. Apart from that, they should set themselves an excellent start. Team Singapore is about all the elements in the flag. Not just white and white or red and white. Its also includes the crescent and the stars too. Cheers for now, Karen Fu’

Promoting Civic Mindedness — side thoughts after pending departure of MM Lee & SM Goh. May 15, 2011

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Following posts and comments on Facebook, and there are thousands who have posted their thoughts about the past election. Some are voicing their views about the pending departure of both MM Lee Kuan Yew and SM Goh Chok Tong.  The maturity of thought is evident. Most do not favour either of them to leave the Cabinet as mentors. They may have some views that do not tally with everyone, but what is of common knowledge is that they often give insights of issues that could be otherwise be missed by others — especially MM Lee’s, whose views are usually highly respected globally despite his usual iron fisted karate-chop.

I often  feel that we should look at the individual politician’s calibre and capabilities that will value-add to our society, regardless if they are from the ruling party or the opposition. Having said that, I also feel that some outstanding individuals should be allowed into parliament apart from the NCMPs (Non-Constituency Members of Parliament) to promote politics in a civil society. There are many outstanding educators, businessmen, engineers et cetra who may not like to be in the shoes of a politician but are civic minded to show their concern in mainstream social economic issues.  These people should be taken note of and be allowed to voice their views from time to time in parliament.  It will certainly make the Singapore parliament a more vibrant, intellectual and productive place of social interaction . — Karen Fu

Let the dust settle, Get the ball rolling — Singapore election 2011 thoughts on MM Lee’s & SM Goh’s pending departure. May 14, 2011

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Was listening to the news;went online to find a similar copy and there it was on Youtiube. With today’s technology, very little time is lapsed to get the latest news despite the huge geographical gap. That’s what I felt what social media has done to the world.  It has given an entirely new dimension to different areas of industry and governance. I wouldn’t doubt a cinch that our age old convention in education, health, innovation, et cetra could still remain in its old form. Obviously it will not and it will change.

Barely a week after the General Elections,  lots of changes have been happening in lightning speed. First, we have a slew of Singaporeans writing open letters to the PM (Prime Minister) via Facebook. I wonder if that had something to do with the decisions made by SM (senior minister) and MM (minister mentor). The passing on the baton to the young to govern our country appears to be too abrupt and has a strong bearing to the recent watershed election results. With the departure of BG (Brigadier General) George Yeo, this appears to be another setback to the ruling party.Though their resignations are pending and awaiting approval by the PM; I think the signal is there that the previous government style is on its way into a whole new era.

MM Lee Kuan Yew and SM Goh Chok Tong may leave the ruling party as MM and SM respectively pending PM Lee Hsien Loong’s approval, which the PM (Prime Minister) will reply on next Monday. However, I am wondering how would the new climate be like without them, espeially with the retirement of MM Lee ? I was thinking and am thinking. This country has been clinging on to MM Lee for more than half a century. His might and hold of the country is indisputable. Everyone listens to him though there are clearly some grudges behind the scene mainly because of the style of delivery. Regardless, many people still respect what he has to say. As I look upon the current elected ministers, I do not have the same sense of security as yet as they haven’t done anything yet apart from the talk and walk.  They seem to be short of the kind of foresight that is needed in policy making. Though not all his ideas are deemed correct, I feel that his relevance in politics is still present. The new govenment style will certainly be more in tune to our generation where people speak out their minds and go forth to realise our dreams. The grip will soon be gone. But I feel that seasoned advise is still relevant and cannot be totally dismissed until we see another formidable leader in place of him.The type that shows no fear, and give no damn to obstacles. Walk tall and set forth in almost flawless execution of policies that is very credible and respected.

A heightened interest in politics has made a lot more Singaporeans going up online into various social media like facebook and especailly on twitter, for political and election updates. People started to take close notice on their various social media tools to catch up of the latest news. This has never been the case in the past when walkovers were generally expected. But since the past few years, a general sentiment has grown, and with the upcoming of younger Singaporeans walking into the opposite camp, it is clear that the tide has come. People are more daring to voice directly about what and how they feel about politicians. The mist and the musk has come to dawn. What they will need, I think, would be to get hold on to the realities of politics and how this tiny dot can continue to prosper into the future; apart from how to solve the damage that is already done. Nevertheless, what they can do now is to regulate the policies in favour to citizens and subsequently replace them with totally new policies.

The national unity is there. The Singapore Spirit is there. We need to be very level headed about what’s needed to get things rolling. Let the dust settle, but get the ball rolling. — Karen Fu