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In God We Trust, In truth We trust. July 3, 2013

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Mid night thoughts here to share. And I will just write what I think here. This isn’t the first time I get people, who prey on my bluntness online. I think I need to fine tune to people who play on my weaknesses. But this incident made me think a lot about people and minds, and the kind of world we are going to get if we retain the kind of cunning behaviors. Online behaviors are easier to catch because it can be traced. But offline ones can be a little difficult. But in due course, one can still see the genuine characters of people. There are responsibilities in the lines of speech, and the intentions behind the actions and purpose. Actually stalking and posting irrelevant replies online could also be seen as offensive. I suppose my post here can also be seen as a rant but I think there are precious lessons to be learnt.

Reread his dialogue on the thread on Facebook, I think I have let him played on me by using open lines that could be played around later. Can’t do anything now that he has disappeared right after I posted the reply in this *thread. While looking at the link just a moment ago, his name has fully disappeared and a ‘Facebook user’ is after an empty image. Honestly, I was furious. It felt like playing around, shooting it out and before you read on, all have vanished. Reminds me of another incident last year where this came from an old school mate whom I have not seen for more than 15 years or so. A completely changed person, who actually was a model student in school, now divorced from her husband who is now allowed to legally keep the children from her. She played on insulting by going to a place that we had agreed not to go as I couldn’t take the sort of seafood they were offering. Obviously she didn’t care and went on to arrange the whole dinner 30 minutes before the stated time and had her dinner with another friend of ours. So when I arrived, they had already eaten and were too full to eat. She apologized unwillingly that I wanted to skip the dinner meet up. But I want to see the other friend, so I went. Then I wished I didn’t. It was insulting to hear them looking down on my profession as well as showing disbelief that I could do up the kind of work they think I couldnt because I was not academically as brilliant as they were. That incident was something similar in the sense she felt that God knew what she was doing and she was righteous about it. To be honest, I hate that line after what she did. I have nothing against Christians but I do hate Christians who played around the notion of God. God is the almighty in Christianity. Actions and intentions are seen very clearly under Heaven’s eyes. I don’t know why such people want to do it, they may be thinking they could get away with it. I have stopped talking to her and I make it open I do not condone the act. She had had a line of misfortunes that saw her in huge distress and she still failed to understand why all her children are in irreversible trouble and blamed that God hadn’t treated them fairly. I think I may know the answer that her sins were not repented. As a Christian, or indeed with all other non Christians, aren’t we suppose to repent and learn from life horrors? The strangest thing was after that, all her lines of story were revealed to me by accident. I genuinely believe that good health and well being comes from a genuinely kind soul. Especially so when you have a religion. Not a nice comment here, but these online dialogues remind me of that incident. He is going to use this as his next social media presentation. This itself is a retaliation behind. My facebook cannot tarnish his image. It is his own presentation that could do more harm.

I can’t stop anyone from saying and doing anything they want, as I am no God. I probably sound more religious than at least these two persons I have mentioned as I am a free thinker; but I do believe we are looked upon by just one common Lord. And the Lord is no dumbbell to not able to see the real intentions and actions. I wouldn’t dare to play around under the eyes of heaven. It does come around. – Karen Fu

Personal Reference:
1. Facebook private messages and dialogue replies on the 2-7-13 and the 3-7-13 (see ref on separate threads)

Off Topic Post on Identity Online March 18, 2013

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Identity offline and online. I think there is a difference. Some choose to give it all, some choose to hide it. And for some, in between. The last one being the most common especially if it’s online. Even in today’s world, few people will open up 100 percent to everyone for either privacy issues or for personal reasons. But I do not buy on identities that are totally whimsical before a serious analysis of vital issues such as national issues. The author or originator must, in some form, reveal a proper identity. Not an egg face with a dubious name that doesn’t even sound like anything. However, I was told that it doesn’t matter of we know the real author as long as the quality of the written content is superior. I am still in doubt though I can understand why, because I am also concerned about such issues since you don’t know who is reading it and how the news will spread. In short, you need a leeway should things be taken a twist.

I cannot tell what impression I have on others. But I can feel some people do not like the semi hidden identity. I have explained it off list though I do not expect people to understand them fully or to even comprehend. I think I have done a reasonable exposure for identity.

Some people even think I am arrogant. When I tell my peers and relatives at home, the first thing they tell me is to shut my ears up on those lines. I suspect it’s the way I write. When I put points across, I just smashed it in in a sharp manner. I also tend to think that some people are reading it the other way round. However, unless they pinned it out straight to me in a direct way, I cannot just guesses.

Everyone online and offline will have friends and often with some not so friendly people around. I don’t think anyone can be too careful or careless to make some noise to be identified or being unidentified; but at base minimum we must keep our words up with integrity. That’s a reputation to keep. One can feel and have a sense for a certain character online or offline. So whether it’s good or bad, modest or immodest, one will know in the heart if the person is true or untrue. Perhaps that’s why I was told the unknown identity online for those terrific ideas was not a concerned. Definitely food for thought after a long day. – Karen Fu

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook & Twitter April 20, 2012

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Just checked on the renewed Facebook site of PM Lee. Within 12 hours, he has amassed more than 19000 likes; and more than 5000 followers on twitter. Its a positive start, and if this momentum is maintained that well, this one-man show can be victorious in the right direction. I sense the direction is already largely right.

The new Facebook page:


It has been almost a year after last year’s general election. PM Lee had invited citizens to talk only days before the election. And I believe that made the cut upwards.

The Old Facebook Page:


I get the feeling he has been closely following the conversations online. I don’t think any leader will lightly miss the interactions and the dialogues right across the online platform. What is happening online is usually what is in reality offline. As social media takes on stage in a greater role, anyone who downplay online power is going to miss a lot. President Obama has certainly created the trend for political leaders to follow suit. The appeal of engaging commoners from the ground is a huge plus in any political setting.

The world has changed. And the world is free because the Internet is free. The revolution of media has taken a course from hard copies in paper format that people are turning away in preference for online global media, that is reachable anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

I feel that hardcore politics isn’t the way to go these days. This has been the case years ago. It’s the human touch that makes the cut. The ultimatum is to feel the ground and act on the wishes of those who are in need but were unheard of beforehand. This lesson doesn’t just run around in politics. It applies to everyone of us.

While fairness is what we advocate in life, and while we can’t do everyone the same rewards because each and everyone’s input is different; there is always history that tells us that complacency doesn’t pay. In the history of life, it often shows that when the rewards are unjustified, and problems are unheard we will get social upheaval. Its a huge cost. Be fair is of essence. The only way to be fair is to know what is on the ground and solve them impartially. And to listen to the ground and act upon it is the ultimatum.

I think the Prime Minister’s move is not only wise but very clever. It has already gaining a positive start. And on this first day, it’s far more upbeat than expected. In fact, it was a surprise. I was doing my Facebook in the afternoon, and all of a sudden news pop up in my reader.

I want a renewed fresh breeze of air. I think many of my fellow Singaporean friends want that too. Hope this will not only be good, but a great outcome. — Karen Fu

New Facebook Interaction: