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Short Haze – Life thoughts June 27, 2013

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When you have the money, the world talks to you. But that doesn’t mean everyone is genuinely wanting to be real friends to you. Try haze, any kind of haze, and see how many will truly come to the rescue instead of planning to leave the moment your contaminants grow beyond their interests. It’s the emphasis of genuine friendship that is hard to make. So is the make of a society – one, that is dependent on nothing much beyond material needs, is never a great place of humanity and justice which will garner the truest and the best of friends. And do not undermine such loyal friends, whom some may not be as seen as the so-called wealthy; they may well be your founding blocks of success for sustainable peace and prosperity. – two cents from the equator at the sight of haze, Karen Fu

Take a break. Take a very good break. April 30, 2012

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You know what I know, that they know things may just start to fall apart; if we know not how to handle it wisely.

Reading on and offline on various news. And it makes you wonder if we all probably share the similar misgivings. People do shift blame when they are in trouble. When they laugh at others what their woes are, they have totally forgotten their woes are starting to loom right behind them, When the trouble finally comes, they cite the others to back up their points — including the ones they have initially laughed at.

Lesson learnt: do not laugh at others. Things take an odd turn when they are laughed at.

Shortie blog post here. Thought I just squirt it. V important lesson. Don’t you think? — yours elfinic little cutie, Karen Fu….