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Why Daring To Change (DTC)

Daring to Change was written first as an undergraduate paper in the mid 90s. I was interested in using my learnt skills and knowledge to make a better world; and was looking into how creativity and education could make a difference. The blog here continues to look into changes that will effect our lives. To do so, I feel we need to look into a wide variety of areas beyond education which includes the happenings in the arts, science (applied, management, political, social) and technology. The very effect by current affairs and our daily living are important to make it realistic. Hopefully this blog will meet this daunting objective.

This blog has a sister blog called ‘Design Is Thoughtful living’ at Blogger. The name of the blog is also the ‘slogan’ for the the paper ‘Daring To Change’. This  is the sub blog  which I hope will expand to include like minded people to join in the discussion about how to make this world a happy and better place to live in. As I see it to this point, the world is ramming into a number of huge problems. A happy life is one that starts from the individual, the family, the country and onwards to the world. We cannot have the world changed without people from the world. Change should come from the courage to acknowledge flaw and correct it for the better. Change should come from sharing and learning from the lessons in history and current. Change should come from the hearts wanting genuinely change for the better and nothing less.
Here is a blog where I hope to see posts on problems and posts of suggested solutions. So hopefully this blog will start on a good note and roll on as a humble but positive and cheerful virtual place of not just in thoery and concept, but onwards to action/realization and happiness !

Cheers !

Karen Fu

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